The Basic Steps to creating an eCommerce Website

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In this digital age, a website is the face of a business. The internet is the most widely used marketing strategy, and most people get to know more about a product through it. This makes it very crucial for any business to incorporate a well-designed website to keep up with the competition and also remain modern. [...]

Top e-Commerce Hosting Considerations to Keep in Mind

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Starting an Ecommerce business is not as easy as most people think. There are numerous things to be put into consideration, from user engagement to the site performance so that the site serves its purpose. Besides, it is one thing to design a simple website, but it is another to design e-commerce hosting one. To begin [...]

Which CMS Should I Use to Build My Website?

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CMS (content management systems) are the tools needed when it comes to creating, editing and publishing all sorts of content online. When looking for a CMS to deploy for your new website, you will come across two main competing options; Joomla and WordPress Although both are smart choices for any professional site, they offer a few [...]