Which CMS Should I Use to Build My Website?

//Which CMS Should I Use to Build My Website?

Which CMS Should I Use to Build My Website?

CMS (content management systems) are the tools needed when it comes to creating, editing and publishing all sorts of content online. When looking for a CMS to deploy for your new website, you will come across two main competing options; Joomla and WordPress

Although both are smart choices for any professional site, they offer a few differences with regards to functionality. It all boils down to learning how they work. Switching from one CMS to another can be an overwhelming process, so it is often recommendable to pick the right one straightaway.

Here is a brief comparison of the best website builders: Joomla Vs. WordPress reviewed under 3 critical consideration aspects.

Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very critical activity directly impacting your online presence. When picking a CMS, it is crucial to find offers that have SEO features or those that at least make the process less daunting. WordPress is known for its list of SEO extensions and plugins. One of the popular SEO plugins is Yoast, which has various features to help you evaluate and correct your optimization and readability.

Joomla allows users to set keywords and metadata/description for each new article. It also has an equivalent of Yoast known as EFSEO (Easy-Fronted SEO). However, it is not a match for the Yoast SEO plugin which gives WordPress a slight edge.

Security features

Security is among the most crucial areas to review when picking any CMS as it deals with how safe your pages, data, and users will be. The safety of any CMS is as great as its weakest vulnerability or link. With its vast array of plugins and extensions, you can easily find security patches for WordPress. Unfortunately, it does not come with an SSL (secure socket layer) on its dashboard, so you have to tweak the core files for this option. It also lacks the 2-factor-authentification (2FA). You have to rely entirely on plugin extensions to beef up security.

Joomla, on the other hand, comes with SSL and 2FA features accessible on the dashboard. Moreover, it provides its own list of plugin extensions for security, so this gives it a slight edge over WordPress.

Level of customization

WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes making it one of the best CMS systems available in the market. With these plugins, its customization potential is incredible. Joomla also offers plugins and templates that make customization easy. However, WordPress has merely the majority, and their support is simply excellent thanks to a larger community.


There are lines under which the best website builder: Joomla Vs. WordPress can be compared, but these three are the most crucial. WordPress is designed for simple sites and blogs although it features excellent landing pages ideal for more complex sites. Joomla offers a much steeper learning curve for users with limited CMS knowledge and is a little bit more complex. Joomla sites can be anything from blogs to landing pages and e-commerce websites. In all fairness, WordPress allows users to manage their content with more ease than Joomla, but both are top-notch choices for any website.

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