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The Best Ecommerce Solutions Providers for Larger Businesses

You want to grow your online business? No problem, here are the best and top recommended ecommerce solutions providers suitable for larger businesses.

Finally, you have decided to upgrade your ecommerce package and look for a more suitable ecommerce solutions provider for your larger business. After a careful research, we’ve selected Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce Enterprise as the best ecommerce solutions providers for larger businesses.

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1- Magento – This platform can suit various needs and can be customized according to business’ owner preferences. Please keep in mind that Magento is a really expensive solution, so even if you decide to choose the economy package, it will be still a costly solution. This is not SaaS platform, meaning you can run it on your own servers. As a user, you can choose how many servers, what type of server, and where those servers will be located. If you want, you can change the code. The advantages of using Magento are total control, you can easily integrate services like Google Express, information security, tons of available extensions, and much more. Magento takes care of powerful brands such as Nike, Gant, Fun4Kids, CityChich, Oneida, Vizio, Mikimoto, Stella&Dot, Cort, and others. There are a few downsides of choosing this platform – you will need to manage the PCI compliance, you will need a staging server, you will need an experienced engineer or developer to make the changes and install all the extensions you need.

2-  Shopify Plus – This ecommerce solution is everything the standard Shopify package gives you plus extra features and functions. Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for your large business. It offers the most reliable services in terms of scalability and uptime, it has a large number of extensions and there are discounts on some, you can easily implement a modern, good-looking design easily, works well for offline and online sales, it has a world-class team which can help you in case you face a certain problem. Shopify Plus is a stand out in the online ecommerce business world because of its comprehensive and professional service. Regardless of the higher upfront cost, this ecommerce solutions provider offers intuitive account management, no transaction fees, a domain checkout, support, and unlimited bandwidth.

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3- BigCommerce Enterprise – This package gives your large business everything a standard BigCommerce package would plus a professional team by your side to guide you and help you run your own online store. The focus and the main goal of BigCommerce Enterprise is to help you grow your sales and attract as many new customers as possible. The advantages of using this platform are numerous, however, some of the most important ones are 24/7 support, account manager to help you increase the sales, Google Trusted Stores, and a setup and migration support. There are a few disadvantages of using this platform such as the fact that the extensions do a lot and there is an API you can utilize that will help you to do even more and they have had some service reliability problems. Their main focus is on customer support and service and because of that, they have become very popular.

You aren’t really sure which platform to choose? If you are just getting set up and you are looking for a professional support, BigCommerce is the perfect solution for you, if you are a huge company and you want a complete control, Magento is the way to go. Shopify Plus, on the other side, is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs who want to set up a comprehensive and powerful solution that is easy to use, customize, and maintain. 

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